HENNY PENNY - Open Fryer - OFE 141

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141 Series

Henny Penny OFE-140 open fryers offer high-volume frying with simple programmable operation and fast, easy built-in filtration.

The split vat choice gives you the flexibility to fry smaller batches of different products in separate environments at the same time—a great way to multiply your profits with one fryer.

Henny Penny open fryers recover temperature very quickly. Fast recovery translates into higher throughput, lower energy costs and longer frying oil life.

A built-in filtration system quickly drains, filters and returns hot frying oil with no separate pumps or pans required. Frequent filtering extends frying oil life, improves product quality and reduces oil costs.

The OFE-140 Series open fryers feature a heavy-duty stainless steel fry pot that promotes fast even cooking.

The COMPUTRON™1000 control offers programmability in an easy-touse digital control panel with LED display.

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